I'm a Web Designer and Front End Developer from Yorkshire, England. I love working with code and great design.

On Thoughts

Building a Blog Or; How I took off my web designer hat to focus on content.

For many, starting a blog is a simple enough process. You create an account on Blogger, Wordpress.com or one of the many other blogging services and start typing away. Problems arise however when your job is to design and build these very platforms. Suddenly your not writing content, your downloading Bootstrap, opening up your Text Editor of choice and writing some snazzy html, css and even a bit of clever javascript to put together a custom theme for Wordpress. 6 months later it dawns on you, You've got nothing online and missed the point of a blog. Content.

Working full time as a designer, continuing on into the late evening on trying to build a theme has been counter-productive. I have already missed several opportunities to talk about events and issues in my field because I'm preoccupied with the idea of 'My blog has to be built by me'.

I've had a change of heart. Instead of spending yet more time with a holding page with little content, I've quickly installed a copy of Ghost, found a theme I like and started typing just like any other blogger.

It's not everything I intended to achieve, but it's here. I can still worry about a custom theme, built with the design I thought up using the tools I love but it's not stopping the progress on what a blog is for. To whine, promote, annoying and contradict.

In essence, Hello! I have a new blog, I can't take credit for it's design but I can for it's words (The real worry now is if they cut the mustard). That's at least something. I'm going to be talking about some of the cool stuff I managed to squeeze in anyway but for now, let's get the ball rolling, sound good?